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Easy Video Maker can help you create your own movies. Although the word “easy” is part of its name, users with little experience will probably find it somewhat difficult to use at first. However, although it is true that other similar applications certainly require less effort on the part of the user, Easy Video Maker has a lot more features than most of them.

As input, the tool supports practically all types of media formats. It can also record directly from a screen or a camera. It is a shame that this editor can export only to MP4. Fortunately, it lets you use various definitions, up to 4K. It is also good news that it allows working not only with 2D but 3D movies as well.

Speaking about ease, the best way to create a new video is by using a wizard. However, I must alert you that the results may not be what you expect as all it does is to merge various clips and images into a single sequence. Another feature that can help save a lot of time and effort is the use of a template to produce batches of movies.

If you want to create a more customized video, then you need to learn how to use the timeline and work with tracks and layers. Luckily, with a little practice, you can start making your own compositions, by cutting, trimming, splitting, joining and cropping, just to mention but a few of the possible operations. Likewise, you can apply various types of 2D and 3D effects. There are some extra features that deserve mentioning. One of them lets you create video with the lyrics of your favorite songs.

In fewer words, Easy Video Maker is definitely not among the most sophisticated editors available. However, it allows producing decent movies. So, if you are willing to start editing videos, you should take a look at this one. Gladly, its free edition can be used without time limits and stamps no watermarks. However, if you need more functions, you can upgrade to Gold or Platinum editions.

Pedro Castro
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  • Wide range of input formats
  • Multiple tracks
  • Large collection of effects and transitions
  • High definition output
  • Support of 3D movies
  • Automatic lyric video creation


  • Export only to MP4
  • Not as sophisticated as the leading software of this type
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